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Welcome to Triorca IIb... Novi Sad, Serbia July-August 2017

Triorca fliegt noch einmal! Triorca ponovo leti! Triorca flies again! 

We are delight to announce the return of the Triorca European Youth Orchestra to Novi Sad, the second city of Serbia, for its fifth intensive residential and concert performance.  Some 70 of the most talented young musicians from Rheinland-Pfalz, Norfolk and Vovjodina meet again, to rehearse, play and get to know each other, musically, personally and culturally, in perhaps the most concentrated possible experience of its kind.

This year's programme will be performed in the splendid Synagogue concert hall of the City, on 31st July at 8pm. Admission is FREE and the concert will include: 

Tchaikovsky - the really well-known Romeo and Juliet Overture

Vaughan Williams - perhaps the most 'English', yearning piece of string music ever written: Dives & Lazarus

Sibelius Symphony No. 5 - with its utterly beautiful final french horn solos

2016 residential...

Congratulations to the Triorca Orchestra for a truly memorable week in July 2016.  We have received many congratulations from audience members, press and politicians who felt that the spirit of Triorca truly captured its aims of encouraging co-operation, excellence and cultural exchange through the international language of music.  The high standard of performance was also highlighted and a live recording of the concert can now be found on sound cloud with a Triorca You Tube channel being launched by the end of the year. Here is a memory of the week from Anja Vujanvic, one of our students from Novi Sad...

"I think that the first time you sit down in a big room full of strangers all speaking different languages it can sometimes be terrifying - most of the time it actually is!  But, the moment that the conductor raises his hands and signals the beginning you start catching up with everything that's going on. Suddenly, nothing is as frightening as it seemed. All the strangers in the room are no longer strangers, as you're all now a part of the same conversation, using the same language with no barriers. A language which can express far more than any other. You realize that as long as you have your instrument with you, you will always have a small piece of home with you, wherever you are.

As we went through some serious hard work, the music became quite wonderful. Our relationships with each other improved along with our relationships with the music. The only problem was that our hours were numbered; but it doesn't matter - after all, the memories and friendships will live on..."

Triorca is a new international youth orchestra made up of young musicians from Norfolk, England, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and Vojvodina, Serbia.  Triorca gave its first concerts in Koblenz (July 2012), Novi Sad (December 2012) and Norwich and Aldeburgh (April 2013) to great acclaim. The orchestra will next perform in the Germany in July 2016.

Over 100 talented young musicians from Norfolk, Germany and Serbia are involved in Triorca, coming together for residential courses and concerts in each country, sharing their experiences and different cultural backgrounds. They will learn together and from each other, using the international language of music.

The musicians are from:

  • Norfolk County Youth Orchestra, Norfolk, England
  • Isidor Bajic Music School, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Landesjugendorchester and Landesmusikgymnasium, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Triorca is funded by The Triorca Trust a registered charity (Charity no. 1150633) which is committed to providing financial support to enable young musicians from Norfolk, England; Vojvodina, Serbia and Rheinland Pfalz, Germany to take part in Triorca activities.

They are presently seeking sponsorship to help this important work to continue. For more details please email: Juliet.Rickard@educatorsolutions.org.uk

Louis de Bernieres Picture"One of the great things about the arts is the way that they foster friendships and collaborative projects all over the world and across all cultures. These networks, in their own small way, help towards the harmony of nations, and, artistically speaking, what could be more important than the constant refreshment brought about by cross-fertilisation? Serbs get to hear Greensleeves and a landler, perhaps, and Brits and Germans get to hear a Serbian circle dance. You pick up technical tips. Everyone is enriched. This new project has made me wish I was young again, and good enough to play in an orchestra!"
Author Louis De Bernieres
, Triorca Patron.
Image courtesy of Ivon Bartholomew


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